Why You Should Rent a Tent for Your Graduation Party

When your child graduates from high school, it is a momentous occasion. As parents, you are likely beside yourself with pride, excitement, and hope for a happy and prosperous future. But before you get ahead of yourself, it’s important to remember that one pretty big event falls between that graduation day and your child heading off to pursue college or their interests—the graduation party.

Let’s face it: graduation parties can get pretty big. For many grads, these parties are open-house style, with many guests coming and going throughout the event. That’s why hosting a graduation party in your yard outside is often the most favorable choice. But when you do that, how do you protect guests from the harmful effects of the sun or potential rain? The answer is a graduation party tent.

Your Graduation Party Checklist

As graduation day draws near, you’re likely busy preparing for the celebration. And your checklist is probably getting bigger and bigger. We’ve rented tents for hundreds of graduation parties and learned a thing or two about what needs to go on that checklist. So, we want to share those insights with you.

Make sure you’re on top of the following, starting several weeks out from graduation day:

  • Set a Date and Time: Align this with your graduate’s schedule and consider what works best for most guests.
  • Create a Budget: Determine how much you can realistically spend on the party, including food, decorations, and entertainment.
  • Prepare a Guest List: Decide who your child would like to invite. Remember to account for family, friends, classmates, and perhaps teachers or coaches.
  • Choose a Venue: If your home or yard is suitable, great! Otherwise, consider local halls or community centers. Make sure there’s enough space for your guests and activities planned.
  • Send Invitations: Digital invitations are convenient and cost-effective, but paper invitations can be a nice keepsake. Make sure to send these out well in advance.
  • Plan the Menu: Decide whether you’ll cater the event or prepare food yourself. Consider options that are easy to serve and eat in a party setting. Don’t forget about dietary restrictions!
  • Organize Entertainment: DJs, playlists, games, or a photo booth can add fun elements to the party. Tailor this to what your graduate and their friends enjoy.
  • Decorations and Theme: Decorate based on your child’s preferences or a theme that reflects their personality or future aspirations. Remember to include a space for guests to leave gifts and cards.
  • Set Up a Memory Table or Wall: Display photos, awards, and other memorabilia of your child’s school experience.
  • Arrange for Photography: Whether you hire a professional photographer, ask a talented friend, or leave out a Polaroid camera for people to take their own, ensure you capture the moments of the celebration. Also, consider setting up a hashtag so people can post their photos on Instagram.
  • Plan for Seating and Tables: Ensure your guests have enough seating and tables. Consider renting if your current supply needs to be increased.
  • Prepare for the Weather: Check the forecast and have a plan for extreme heat, rain, or other weather conditions. This brings us to the super important last point.
  • Rent a Party Tent: A tent is necessary for outdoor events to protect guests from sun or rain. It also defines the party area, and the tent poles can be lightly decorated to match your theme.

Are You in Need of a Tent for an Upcoming Graduation Party?

If you’ve decided on an outdoor party and need protection from the sun or rain, we’re here to help. At Baystate Tent, we provide expert tent event rental, planning, set-up, and take-down. Contact us today, and we’ll help you create an event your graduate will never forget! Give us a call or fill out our online contact form

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