Here you will find a list of helpful information and guides assisting with things such as sizes of tent, table capacity, dance floors or linen lengths.  Please see below for a list of guides that are sure to help you on your way to putting together your own special event.  We have planned many events over the years under all kinds of circumstances. Do not hesitate to call with any questions or concerns.  We are always here to help guide you.

Table Seating and Linen Sizes

Dancefloor Sizing  

Dance Floor Size               Approx. Dancers              Number of 4’x4’ panels
                                    (More sizes available on request)      

8’x 8’                                       16                                                4

12’x12’                                   36                                                9

16’x16’                                   64                                                16

20’x20’                                 100                                                25            

24’x24’                                 144                                                36

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