When planning an outdoor event, you must have a solution to tackle unexpected weather changes. The good news is that the answer is not just cost-effective but also simple and elegant at the same time. You can always install an outdoor tent to protect your guests and ensure an enjoyable experience.

Nonetheless, you must choose the right type of commercial tent if you wish to host a memorable and successful event. You have many options to choose from as various tents are available for rent, based on their design and usage. Let’s look at a few broad categories of event tents.

Pole Tent

Pole tents are the most common type of traditional event tent. These consist of center poles and interconnecting poles to assist the tent structure. They are typically pitched on grassy landscapes as they need staking to the ground for the stability of the structure.

While pole tents are limited to a few types of surfaces, they are still versatile and suitable for most types of small events. For instance, they work well for outdoor family gatherings and barbeques. Not to mention, they come in various size options and are incredibly pocket-friendly as well.

However, you must remember that pole tents don’t always offer a clear line of sight due to the center pole. Hence, they may not be the ideal choice if you are planning focal events like weddings.

Frame Tent

Frame tents are commercial tents with one major factor differentiating them from pole tents: they do need center poles for support. So, these tents provide a clear view to guests from all directions.

The tents are ideal for more significant events covering more people, like public gatherings, corporate events, and even weddings. Frame tents are a broader category of tent types, meaning several variations for different purposes.

  • Classic Frame Tents

Classic frame tents come in a modular design with a size that can be increased with expandable mids. These are suitable for weddings and corporate events.

  • XP Frame Tents

The XP series of frame tents incorporates a cross-cable design supporting a flying center pole. This eliminates the need for standing center poles that are typically grounded. This allows unobstructed space for your event.

Sailcloth Style Tent

Sailcloth tents consist of guy ropes, high peaks, and center poles. These give a natural feel with the fabric top, wooden poles, and flags. The top cloth is a translucent fabric that is great if you wish to project lighting or allow natural daylight to pass in.

Not to mention, it adds the perfect hint of elegance and beauty to your outdoor event. Sailcloth tents also do not feature any valence on the perimeter. However, the top does not offer much water resistance in heavy rain conditions.

Sailcloth tents come in a wide range of size options, from smaller tents with single center poles to longer ones with several of them.


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