Graduation season is here! Whether you are celebrating a high school graduation, college graduation, or any other big education achievement, there seems to be some sort of celebration happening every weekend throughout the summer. Overwhelmed by everything you need to buy, rent, and organize for the big event? We're here to help!

The Essentials

The weather throughout the summer is very unpredictable. One moment it could be sunny with no clouds in the sky and the next minute the skies can open up with torrential downpours. It's always better to be on the safe side and rent a tent than be worried about rushing everyone inside of your home when the rain does happen. The plus side? The tent will keep your guests comfortable and protected from the sun on those blistering hot days.

In addition to your tent, you'll want to ensure your guests all have a place to sit and eat their meal, as well as relax during the long day. Don't get to rent tables, chairs, and cocktail tables for a variety of sitting/standing options!

Audio Visual Equipment

Renting audiovisual equipment is the sure way to get the party started! A PA System can be used to make speeches, hooked up to a karaoke machine, or for your family members to come up and play the guitar.

Keep the Kids Occupied

If there will be children at the event, Baystate Tent & Party Rental has several items that can be rented to occupy them. From bounce houses to sports activities and spin art machine, adults will be able to have uninterrupted adult time with friends and family members while knowing their children are having a blast.

Don't Forget the Food

No matter what time of the day your party is at, you can never forget to feed your guests! That is, after all, why they're at your party (except to celebrate YOU!). Keep things easy by renting a 40-foot grill, portable bar, coffee maker, and 120-quart cooler.


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