Planning a wedding is overwhelming at the best of times and almost unbearable at the worst of times. So many factors go into planning a successful wedding, and it’s incredibly hard to remember them all! A lot of what you need to pull off a great wedding can be rented instead of purchased. Use this wedding rental breakdown to check off the most popular rental items you’ll need on your big day. 


Tables are used for a few different things during a wedding. There’s the cake-cutting table, the guest book table, cocktail tables, food tables, dining tables, a DJ table, and more. Calculating the number of tables you need and the size is one of the most critical tasks when planning your wedding rentals. This will ensure you get the right number and type of tables and that you have linens and centerpieces to go along with them.


The seating is an underrated part of a wedding setup. While it may seem like any chair will do the job, not just any chair will look great in your wedding photos! Choosing chairs to fit with your theme and décor is essential. Chairs will be used during the ceremony so guests have a place to sit and during the reception when people are eating or taking a break from the dance floor.

When in doubt, rent a few extra chairs just in case!


Tent rentals are a great solution if your wedding is at a venue without a reception space. Renting a wedding tent can be a bit tricky as you try to determine what size tent you need and what’s included with that tent rental price. This is one of the items that should be rented once you have a firm number of guests coming to your wedding, so there are no last-minute worries about not finding the right-size tent. 


Once the tables and chairs have been rented, you’ll need linens to place on top. Linens are what bring the entire space together and create an elegant guest experience. Choosing high-quality linens will truly make a difference in how your wedding looks and feels. If you aren’t experienced in choosing linens, a wedding planner will be able to make suggestions based on the rest of your wedding plans to find the best fit. 

If you’re looking for a bit of professional help organizing your ceremony and booking the rentals, Baystate Tent can help. Our expert wedding planning and rental services can work with almost any budget and theme to make your wedding day a picture of perfection. There’s no reason to stress about doing it all yourself when Baystate Tent has experts standing by to take the load off your shoulders. Give us a call today or fill out our online contact form for more information!

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