If you are a fan of wintery landscapes and hot chocolate, you need to consider getting married during winter! Of course, everyone knows that summer and spring weddings are terrific, but little do people know they are sleeping on winter weddings. This post will reveal a few advantages of saying “I do” when it’s snowing outside!

Snow is the best backdrop for wedding photos.

Everyone, even people who aren’t fans of living in snowy areas, loves winter photography. There’s something about bare tree limbs shining with fresh snow while the groom and bride walk together holding hands on a shimmering blanket of pristine snow. A snowy landscape outside is amorous and intimate, which is precisely what everyone wants for their wedding day! Intensify the sentimental atmosphere more so by hanging strings of Edison Bulbs or Christmas lights (time permitting) on trees and along pathways with lustrous lanterns.

You pay less money on decorations, venues, catering, everything.

Because winter is the off-season for wedding planners and vendors, including, but not limited to, caterers and photographers, might be prompted to extend discounts to obtain more sales during the less eventful time of the year. How great would it be not to be spending an arm and a leg to plan your wedding? More like just a finger and a toe! However, don’t expect things to be given away for free; there is still some of a profit to be had for the vendors, and rightfully so, as they are still providing a service.

There is less competition for the best (or at least better) vendors.

Because this is the slow time of year for wedding vendors, they are less in-demand; ergo, you will have a greater likelihood of obtaining your top-choice vendors and services. Fortunately, the best/better are also more likely still to have openings for dates at the last minute! So, “Sorry, we’re booked that day” is less likely of an occurrence.

Hot drinks make excellent cocktails.

What’s better than surprising your guests when they walk into the reception hall with warm, fun cocktails that get rid of the cold? Drinks such as hot toddies, spiked hot chocolate, mulled wine, eggnog-based cocktails, or mulled cider are going to be a hit and warm up the crowd (literally and figuratively)!

You can serve your favorite hearty dishes.

Cold weather calls for hearty foods like mac ‘n’ cheese, ribs, stews, and more. Everyone loves comfort foods, hence the name “comfort food,” and they fill you up! Forget those unfilling, dainty foods you have to serve at summer weddings, so people don’t pass out.

Fireplaces are fire!

A fireplace is always welcome in winter; they’re cozy, relaxing, warming, and mesmerizing. If your venue has one, you score a phenomenal feature that practically costs nothing extra. Guests will lounge by the fire with their drinks and love every minute instead of warding off perspiration or frizzy hair from humidity.

You may save on décor.

Decorations are a lowkey budget-eating monster for weddings; however, if your big day is near Valentine’s Day or Christmas, then the owners of the venue may have already decorated it for a previous event. And while “recycled decorations” doesn’t sound exciting, think of the money saved for something you have to throw away at the end of the day anyway. All people care to see are beautiful decorations; no one will notice, nor care, that you didn’t have to spend your hard-earned money on them. If you want to add your touch, you can add things here and there to spice up those existing decorations and show off your style.

You’ll have more RSVPs.

Of course, this could be good or bad if you are depending on “NOs” to come back; e.g., you know you can’t not invite someone, but you also don’t want them at the wedding. Nevertheless, as you aren’t battling with your families’ and friends’ previous obligations (such as graduations, vacations, different weddings), you can count on more of your guest-list saying “yes!”.

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