Do you have an outdoor event coming up that you’ll be hosting? There’s nothing like a great party that has guests talking for days after it’s over. Before the fun can begin, you have a whole lot of planning to do if you want your event to be a success. The scope of your event will impact the extent of your planning. There’s a lot to consider when throwing an outdoor event, but it’s possible to have a great time doing it with as few headaches as possible. Here are some valuable tips that can help you throw a successful outdoor event, whether you go it alone or have help.

Keep in Mind The Kind of Event You’ll Be Throwing

The first place to begin is having a clear idea about the type of event you are throwing and what it requires. Maybe it’s a birthday party, wedding celebration, family reunion, or graduation party. Think about what you’ll have to buy and what you’ll have to rent. Maybe you’ll need to rent tables and chairs or a tent. Perhaps a dance floor rental is necessary for a wedding. Don’t lose sight of the event you’ll be throwing and what’s required to make it happen.

Get Relevant Permits and Check Ordinances Related to Outdoor Events

Aim to keep your stress at a minimum and ensure that you follow the local rules that apply to events. It would be disappointing to have your event get shut down because you failed to obtain the required permit. Once you’ve selected a venue and decided on a date, get any relevant permit. Also, check out noise ordinances and see if there is a noise ban after a specific time. It’s essential to know about fire safety codes related to seating, ticket sales, and advertisement and the kind of restrictions bound to them.

Create Your Invitation List For Your Outdoor Event

Who do you plan on inviting to your event? The kind of party you have in mind could help you decide on your guest list. Knowing the type of guests will help you make a decision about the form of entertainment you’ll provide. Throwing a kids’ event, for example, requires that you have fun activities to keep them busy and entertained. How many people will you invite? What’s allowable and appropriate for the event? You want your event to be great, full of life and fun, and who you invite can determine the vibes at your event. Knowing the number of guests helps with preparations for food and refreshments and can also help with selecting the right venue. Create your invite list early on and be decisive about it. Send invites by cards, online, or by text, and ensure you get attendance confirmation that will help with providing an official headcount.

Create Menu and Choose Decoration Wisely

Whether you cook the meal yourself, have the food catered, or use the services of a party rental, having a great menu with delicious meals is essential. Aim to have an assortment of food options for your guests, and keep in mind that you may have vegetarians, vegans, and others with nuts, gluten, and seafood allergies. Additionally, provide both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages at your event. In terms of decoration, think about the mood you want the atmosphere to have; maybe you have a particular theme in mind. Let your decoration reflect the kind of vibe you are trying to create. For an evening event, for example, create the right ambiance and mood using string lights that could also enhance the aesthetic appeal of the event space.

Control Pests

Since your event is outdoors, you can expect that you’ll have some kind of problem with pests issues. From creepy crawlies to flying insects, you don’t want any type of pest around to torment your guests. Hire an exterminator to spray the area of you have mosquitos around, for instance, but ensure that the extermination isn’t done close to the time for the food set up. Having lightly scented citronella candle repellants could be helpful.

Trash Disposal and Clean-Up 

It’s essential that you have at least one or two trash bins at an appropriate spot in the event space, particularly if guests will be served their meals and drinks in paper or plastic utensils. Keep an eye out for overflowing trash bins and dispose of and replace them when full. When the event ends, the cleanup work begins. Maybe you can do the cleanup yourself, depending on the size of your event. Know beforehand if you’ll require a hauling rental or the help of the local sanitation department in the aftermath of the event.

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