Graduation season is finally upon us! As we are attending graduations and planning graduation parties, it's important to have everything planned out ahead of time so you can focus on the enjoying the warm weather and the actual graduation. If you're still in the planning process for your upcoming graduation party, these tips will help make sure it's a memorable one. 

Comfortable Environment

The weather in New England is often unpredictable so making sure you're prepared for anything is crucial. With the use of tents, you're able to protect your guests for any type of weather that might be experienced on the day of the graduation party, whether it's severely hot and humid temperatures or torrential down pours. Adding tables, chairs, and fans to the space will make sure that everyone stays protected from the elements and is still comfortable. 

Stock Up on the Necessities

When it comes to throwing a party, whether it's for the holidays or a graduation, it's important to stock up on the necessities! Make sure to purchase more flatware, cups, and plates than you think you will need and always have a surplus amount of water and ice available for your guests. There's nothing worse than having to leave during the party to run to the store to pick up these things because you ran out. 

Make it Fun

When throwing a graduation party, don't forget to decorate for the big day and have plenty of games and activities to keep guests and children occupied throughout the day. Serve themed food items, and don't forget about all of the great graduation cap decorations! 

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