Engagement season is here and before you know it, you’ll be attending engagement parties, bridal showers, and weddings every weekend until winter greets us again. For some, these events can be a drag but for a majority of people, it’s an opportunity to celebrate the love between a couple that means so much to them.

If you’re recently engaged or are in the process of planning an engagement party, below are our best tips for planning a celebration easily and with little stress.

Why Have an Engagement Party?

An engagement party is a great way for a couple to celebrate their engagement, surrounded by friends, family, and other loved ones. It’s also a fun opportunity to bring together family and friends prior to the big day to celebrate and meet!

Who Should Host the Engagement Party?

Anyone can host an engagement party! Whether it’s the couple, a close friend, or parents of the couple. Most engagement parties are casual, but others can be cocktail attire or even black tie!

Engagement Party Planning Tips

Planning an engagement party takes a lot of organization, time, and consideration, just like any other large event. With these tips, the planning process will go much more smoothly.

Date – The engagement party should be held within three months after the couple’s engagement. No other wedding events should occur close to the engagement party.

Location – Depending on the theme and level of dressiness of the engagement party, it can be hosted anywhere from a home to a restaurant, or even a hotel or event center.

Guest List – When inviting guests to an engagement party, it’s important to keep in mind who would and would not be invited to the wedding. Generally, the people that are invited to the engagement party will be invited to the wedding.

Menu – The food that is served at an engagement party should be much simpler than the food that is served at the wedding. Depending on how casual or fancy the engagement party is will also have an impact on what types of food you serve. For a casual engagement party, you might opt for a couple of finger food or appetizers, barbecue, or even pizza. For a more formal event, a buffet or a seated dinner is more suitable.

Invitations – Engagement party invitations don’t have to be difficult. Depending on your timeline, you can either mail out paper invitations or send out an electronic invite.

Gifts – Couples shouldn’t expect to receive any gifts for their engagement, but some guests might bring a card or a small token of their love.

The most important step in the engagement party planning process is to start as soon as possible. For all of your party rentals for your event, contact Baystate Tent at (978) 851-2002.

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