Congrats, you're getting married! You've set the date, found the perfect outdoor location, and now it's time to decide on all of the decor, what you're going to serve for food, and the music. With New England weather being so unpredictable, setting up a tent for your reception is ideal but it’s much more than just pitching a tent you purchased at your local hardware store. 

Factors that Go into Choosing a Tent

After deciding to have a tented wedding, considering the overall vision of the wedding, as well as the practical aspects, is imperative. The first factor you should be considering is the weather.


New England experiences all four seasons, and each bring their own set of difficulties when it comes to planning outdoor events. When you’re choosing a tent, always consider the weather during the season you are getting married to ensure that you’re picking out the right tent, sidewalls and all! 

Practical Accessories

Depending on the weather and where the tent will be set up, certain accessories will be necessary to keep your guests dry and happy. Our team at Baystate Tent and Party will be able to help you pick out flooring, tent walls, and any other equipment based on your unique needs. 

Decorative Accessories

Once you have the practical accessories out of the way, it’s time to select the decorative ones. Our canopy tents are beautiful, dramatic, whimsical and romantic, but they leave a very blank canvas on the inside. Not to worry – turning the space into your dream wedding reception is easy! Pull in your wedding colors through the table linens, incorporate romantic lighting, and floral arrangements to make the space come alive.

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