While purchasing party decorations, furniture, and games might seem exciting, the cost adds up quickly and before long, you'll have so many things you might never use again and no where to store them. Instead of purchasing everything you need for your next party, consider renting! Not only will you save money, but you will also save the headache of trying to store the items you needed for a short period of time. 

Lower Cost

Instead of spending the money on brand new inflatables, tables and chairs, or even a grill, you can save money on renting items through Baystate Tent that are gently used and highly efficient for your next party. 

Get What You Need Without the Commitment

Many items that are needed for a party such as inflatables, tables and chairs, AV equipment, and even food machines need a lot of space for storage. Tight on space? Renting these party items will allow you to get what you need for the event without the lifelong commitment. Plus, who know — You might never need it again! 


With party rentals, you have a large variety of items at your finger tips. It's easy to find just what you need at Baystate Tent without having to shop around at several different stores. 


Have a question or concern about the items you need for your next party? Our team at Baystate Tent are experts when it comes to party rentals and will be able to answer any questions you might have.

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