Oh, the glory of spring. It’s the perfect time to hold outdoor events, such as weddings or birthdays. What could be more magical than setting up a tent? It seems simple enough, but people forget that spring can be a rather unpredictable time for the weather. We’re going to explore some tips to make the most of your event no matter what the weather brings. 


You’re praying that the rain won’t come, but your prayers may go unanswered. There’s nothing worse than having an unexpected storm and seeing a river of rain running down the dance floor. To prevent this, make sure that you understand the drainage of the area where you’re placing the tent. It’s worth it to spend a little extra on a level, dry surface that you can depend upon. 

Tent Size

Is your tent big enough? You’re going to be pretty upset if you pack too many people into a tent that is too small. Ensure that you have a tent that is large enough for everyone to fit in there if the weather starts to get dicey. 


If you want a tent that is going to hold onto heat, select one that has a clear top and heaters inside. If you know that your location is going to be warm, select a tent with a solid top and plenty of ventilation. Did you know that higher walled tents have better airflow? This will allow you to keep your guests more comfortable in there when things heat up on the dance floor. 

Express Yourself

Once you have the right tent in place, then be sure that you know how to properly decorate it! You don’t want it to stick out like a sore thumb, but rather shine with the beauty and magnificence of your event. See where it’s possible to hang flowers and lights and select a color of tent that matches your theme. It makes sense to choose a white, creme, or clear tent for a wedding.

These tips are simple but important. Spring is a time of renewal, love, and new beginnings. Nothing says spring like a beautiful outdoor event where folks come together to celebrate the season. To ensure that your event is the best it can be, be prepared for the unexpected, and be ready to share memories that last a lifetime. Renting from a well-rated supplier is going to be a firm step in the right direction.


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