Well folks, the Patriots have done it again! In less than two weeks, our beloved football team has taken the AFC Champions title once again and will be headed to the Super Bowl for the second year in a row. Whether you are a Patriots fan, an Eagles fan, or are just love watching the Super Bowl, these party essentials can easily be rented to make your party that much better!


Surfaces tend to be extremely limited during any sort of gathering, but especially during the Super Bowl. With a large variety of food being served and other items to have out for easy access by your guests, renting tables to put these items on and for you guests will relieve any headaches! Don’t let your guests stand while they eat – rent a few extra tables today.


With any football game, having a plethora of beverages available for your guests to stay hydrated is key! Coolers can be expensive to purchase, and you might not have enough space to store them after the fact, so renting them is always a great option. Consider renting the coolers for your Super Bowl party and have each one designated for different types of beverages, especially alcoholic and non-alcoholic.

Chafing Dishes

With chicken wings being the main dish of Super Bowl Sunday it’s important to keep them warm all game long! With constant cooking happening in the kitchen, the oven isn’t always the best place to have the wings sitting, especially with your guests needing to gain easy access to them. Rent a chafing dish (or two!) to keep your wings warm, along with any other dishes you want to serve.


Whether you have a grill or not, renting an extra one will help cut down the amount of stress you’re experiencing from all of the food you need to cook up for your party. We offer a range of grill sizes that are perfect for parties of all sizes.


Don’t get left in the dark! With the unpredictable New England weather, the last thing you want is to lose power in the middle of the biggest football game of the year. By renting a generator, you’ll be able to still watch the game even with a power outage.

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