With the holidays fast approaching, corporate events, holiday parties, and fundraisers are becoming increasingly frequent. Although a great way for colleagues to unwind, planning a corporate event can be time consuming and costly. Purchasing tables and chairs, stages, and audio-visual equipment is extremely expensive, the best option is to rent this equipment for the one or two times you might need it each year.

Consider Delivery & Set Up

Party planners have a demanding job of ensuring an event goes off without a hitch. They plan every single detail from the color of the table cloths and the type of flowers that will sit up top, to sending out invitations and planning the menu. Since each detail is very time consuming, tasks such as equipment set up are too big to handle. With Baystate Tent & Party Rental, we’ll be able to bring the equipment in for you, set it up, and take it down upon pick up. This leaves more time for the party planner to do the things that they do best – make sure everyone has a great time!

Factor in Cost

Hosting an event is pricy, don’t waste your money on equipment you don’t have space to store or might never use again. Renting is wonderful budget-friendly option to ensuring you have all of the items you might need.

Consider the Weather

Before you select a venue for your event, consider the weather. If you’re planning to host an event outdoors during late fall, be prepared with tents, portable heaters, and generators to ensure your guests won’t be cold. These items can add up quickly and if the final price isn’t in your budget, consider an indoor venue. This way you can eliminate some of the more expensive items.

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