Weddings are magical moments, one of the most memorable events in one’s life. During weddings, soulmates are joined to become one, fulfilling lifelong wishes in front of family and well-wishers.

In some cases, weddings may coincide with New year’s eve. This ordinary adds more flair and glamour to these types of weddings. It all sounds like a great idea, but there are factors to consider when planning a New Year’s Eve wedding.

Putting both events into one isn’t that easy. Beyond the over-the-top glitz and glam, a lot could go either way.

Below are some of the pros and cons of a new year’s eve wedding


  • You can never go over the top

What do you expect when mixing two events known for the glam? With this, you could go overboard and a little more without fear of judgment.

If you think it and you can do it, there’s no need to hold back. Moreover, the guests are expecting a large-scale celebration.

  • Wedding guests hang around longer

Missing the countdown is usually considered bad luck, so most guests hang around after the wedding dinner, in the party feeling all night long.

  • Fun lasts longer

Guests are already in a party mood. So no dull spirits because everyone is ready to add to the fun and excitement.

  • A wedding ceremony to always remember

Not that anyone would want to forget their wedding date, but New Year’s Eve is harder to ignore. Celebrating your wedding anniversary annually slowly grows into a new tradition with family and friends.

Guests are off from work 

During the holiday period, guests are off and relatively accessible for a party. All that is needed is an invitation sent ahead of time so your guests can clear out other holiday plans.


  • It tends to be very expensive

Typically planning anything during the holidays tends to be more expensive. From paying extra for to the vendors, hall rentals, and even the photographers

Also, the guests would be expecting a huge party, and most couples tend to break the bank not to disappoint.

  • Holiday plans might affect attendance

Some guests would have had their holiday plans already set, so such people might not honor invitations.

  • The wedding might lose its feeling

Sharing your wedding ceremony with New Year Eve tends to dampen the overall wedding feeling; if not, swallow it altogether. Most guests may be caught up in the emotions surrounding the countdown to crossover, to pay much attention to the wedding ceremony.

Moving Forward

Having a wedding on New Year’s Eve could go either way, but it requires early intricate planning and budgeting to fruition. In the end, one has to weigh the pros and cons and go for whichever suits you.

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