Outdoor parties are exciting and fun for all involved. Making sure that you have all of the accessories needed requires knowing what’s most common and popular. Aside from the tent to escape the sun or rain, there are numerous additions that can make your outdoor party unforgettable. 

Climate Control with Side Walls

Tents with sidewalls look classy, but they also assist with climate control. When you have an air conditioning unit or heater, the tent sidewalls will keep the temperature where you want it. An outdoor party can get too hot or too cold, but you can ensure that your guests are comfortable with the proper climate control units and sidewalls. Additionally, the numerous types of side walls can guarantee that you get the look you are aiming for. Sidewalls with windows can look elegant, while clear sidewalls are great for keeping the full view while maintaining the desired climate.  Other sidewall types are:

  • Glass

  • White

  • Mesh

  • French double doors

  • Roll-up doors

There are sidewalls for every type of event, including an upscale party or a backyard BBQ. 

Tables, Chairs, and Other Décor    

An absolute must-have for any party is somewhere to sit. You can rent tables and chairs for outdoor events of all kinds. In addition to seating, other décor can add to the party by giving the guests something incredibly appealing to look at. Pulling all décor together in the tent is a skill that does not tend to go unnoticed. Consider table cloths and chair covers to add to the look. 

Tent Lighting

You may want a tent for the reprieve it offers, but that doesn’t mean you have to party in the dark! Tent lighting often offers an ambiance, especially at night. Skipping out on the lighting could be a mistake you don’t want to make! From globe lighting to string lights, and scoop lights to spotlights, consider all options to make your outdoor party a hit. You may be amazed at what a bit of tent lighting can accomplish.

Dance Floor and General Flooring

A party with a dance floor is a party no one wants to miss! Get guests up and moving with a dance floor in your tent, or simply use flooring for easier walking. Women in heels will especially appreciate the extra effort of flooring rather than grass to walk on. A tent floor can also hide poor lawns or a dirty surface, thus increasing sophistication. If you’re throwing an outdoor party, you don’t want to miss out on proper flooring. 

The Tent and Party Experts

Planning an outdoor party can be task-heavy, but there is no reason to get overwhelmed. Baystate is a tent and party expert willing to make sure you have everything you need to make your party a success. Get in touch with Baystate to start planning your outdoor party today!

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