Must-Have Birthday Party Rental Items

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Birthday parties are some of the celebrations we look forward to every year. The feeling of celebrating life, advancement, and progress with your family, friends, and coworkers is second to none. If you are looking to celebrate your birthday or want to celebrate your loved ones better at home, there are some items you need to make it a success. These items are essential as they give your birthday celebration the right feel and ambiance. 

5 Must-Have Birthday Party Rental Items

Here are some birthday party rental items you need to get started!

Birthday lighting and decoration

Birthday decoration is essential for every birthday party, especially if it is scheduled to run till night. Best believe you can. Use extension cords and some indoor lamps to substitute; however, it does not provide the same birthday feel as professional birthday lighting. For instance, incorporating tiki torches or string bistro in your decoration can transform your birthday party. 


Of course, tables are needed at birthday parties for comfort. There are many tables you can use for your event, depending on your style, budget, and theme. If you are hosting a rustic, barbecue-themed party, wooden picnic tables would best suit your decoration. However, if you choose to host a normal formal party, the regular roundtable will suffice. Tables serve as more than decorative items, they also help fill the room. 


Chairs are as essential as tables at birthday parties. In reality, they are even more important than tables as your guests may do away with them, but they need to sit down at some point. Depending on the length of your event, we recommend comfortable chairs that can comfortably hold all sizes. 


Rather than purchasing plastic cutleries that degrade the environment and break easily, why not opt for silverware? Silverware cutleries are cost-effective and prevent cross-contamination of food during serving. You could also rent them for your event rather than buying a new set of silverware entirely. 


Likewise, glassware is also important during birthday parties. We advise you to use glassware like plates and cups over plastic disposables. These glasswares are particularly important if you are hosting an event that will include alcohol. They also give your birthday a touch of class. So, why not ditch the infamous red solo cups and opt for a beautiful set of glassware for your birthday party? 

Party Decorations

Alongside lighting, your birthday party also needs other party decorations. For children’s birthday parties, it is important to have cartoon-themed birthday props such as inflatable bouncing castles, cartoon-shaped desserts, and clowns. These props provided delight and excitement when compared to plain birthday decor. 

How Baystate Tent Can Help

Baystate Tent provides expert rental, planning, set-up, and take-downs for birthday parties and all events. If you intend on hosting an elaborate outdoor birthday party or need small decor for a celebration consisting of just your family and friends, Baystate is the professional to call. We have different beautiful tableware, glassware, and silverware for your event. Our skilled team can also weave birthday designs and cater events that will imprint an unforgettable memory for years to come. Give us a call today or fill out our online contact form! 


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