When you hear the word “grand”, your mind tends to wander to big; huge venue, a guest list ten feet long, and maybe even some fireworks at the end. Yes, these parties are grand, BUT, an event of any size has the chance to be grand! Small parties allow for the opportunity of intimacy. Because of the smaller size of your event, you are able to include certain aspects that you wouldn’t necessarily be able to when your event consists of 500 people. If you are planning a small party but hoping for a big impact, you are in the right place! 


Since your list of guests is more intimate than that of a huge event, you have the chance to make certain aspects more personalized to your guests. There are a multitude of different ways you can impress your guests with small touches of personalization. Try branding napkins or maybe place cards with a touch of something extra that is specialized for each guest. You can make a huge impact for your guests when they see you went the extra mile for each of them.

Splurge on Food and Drink

With a smaller guest list, you allow your budget to be used more efficiently. Instead of paying a ton of money just to accommodate a large party, you can use your budget very wisely. If there is one thing to splurge on at a small party to make a big impact, it is food and drinks! Besides what your guests see with their eyes at the event, the most substantial element they will remember is what they ate and drank. Splurge on only serving delicious food and top-shelf drinks! 

Memorable Activities 

Small events are the perfect opportunity to include memorable activities for your guests. There are so many different things you can include at your event that will make a huge impact on your guests. Think of who is going to said event and what you believe they would love to see and do when they get there. You could include activities like a photo booth, a dance floor, or even small games with silly prizes. Take the opportunity to surprise your guests with exciting activities!

Baystate Tent

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