Are you in the midst of planning a winter event? Outdoor events are always fun but not so fun when scheduled in the winter. Winter calls for warm clothes, closed spaces, and colder and darker nights. However, they’re not as uncomfortable as you think, as we are here to help you with the following factors that can make your outdoor winter event a relaxed and cozy affair, one that you and the guests will surely enjoy. 

Keep Your Guests Warm

The first and foremost requirement of a successful winter event is to keep your guests warm and maintain a cozy environment. No one wants to feel cold and uncomfortable while at an event, so to help your guests feel their best, consider the following suggestions to maintain a warm temperature: 

Decorate Your Outdoor Setting

Decorating your outdoor setting following the weather is the real deal. You should avoid ruining expensive outdoor decorations due to rain, snow, or extreme weather. To decorate your winter outdoor event the right way, here are a few suggestions for you: 

  • Branded mugs/ drinks
  • Tea and string lights
  • Signage and Printed material
  • Branded material to keep your guests warm, such as gloves, blankets, etc.
  • Decorated tents

Arrange Catering for Your Guests

Again your catering service, including food and drinks, should also be according to the weather to make your outdoor winter event a hit. It would be absurd to present hot chocolates on hot summer afternoons and ice cream or chilly winter nights. So, try the following suggestions to arrange season-related food and drink options for your guests: 

  • Warm ciders/ mulled wine
  • Small festive bites such as pigs in blankets etc.
  • A soup buffet/ bar
  • Stir fry
  • Hot chocolate bar
  • Coffee and tea
  • Toasted pizza

Entertain Your Guests

While taking care of the food, seating arrangements, and the things to keep your guests warm, it is equally important to plan regarding your guests’ entertainment. You can hire a band or live musicians for some soulful music or set up karaoke sessions to make everyone participate and enjoy the event.

Bonfires and campfire games are a hit for winter-season events, and arranging a setting like this can help your guests enjoy the event and the cold winter vibe. 

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Arranging an outdoor winter event can be great fun if you consider the factors mentioned above to create a cozy and comfortable environment during your event. If you need more ideas or all the event essentials, you can contact our professionals at Baystate Tent to make your event a unique and grand affair! Give us a call or complete our online contact form for more information. 

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