If you have an upcoming event, you are probably busy making decision after decision to ensure that it is perfect for your guests. One thing that will absolutely put a damper on your occasion is not having enough tables for everyone, especially if you are serving a sit-down meal. As you read on, you will find out what factors you need to take into consideration to ensure you have plenty of tables for all of your attendees. 

Number of guests

The first thing you need to think about is the number of guests you are going to be hosting. This is the main factor in determining how many tables you should rent from your table rental company. The more guests, of course, the more tables you will require. It is also important to consider how much space you’d like each attendee to have. You may not, for instance, want to use the maximum number of chairs each table can hold. 

Table shape  

The shape of a table can dictate how many people it can hold. Round tables, for instance, typically seat fewer guests than rectangular tables. Additionally, some spaces lend themselves to certain table shapes. If you are in holding your event in a unique, circular room, for example, square or rectangular tables probably won’t look quite right. If you need assistance selecting the appropriate table shape, don’t hesitate to consult with an event designer. 

Table size 

The smaller the tables you select, the fewer people will be able to sit with them. As a general rule, most rental companies offer options that can seat as few as two or three guests or as many as ten or twelve guests. Some event hosts choose to use multiple table sizes for visual interest. This is fine, as long as you make sure you have enough chairs for everyone who will be attending your affair. 

As you work with a table rental specialist to determine how many tables you need for your special occasion, you may also want to get other supplies from him or her. Most party rental companies have everything from cutlery and flatware to lights and linens. Renting everything you need to create a magical event from one place is the easiest way to have a stress-free planning process. Give us a call today at (978) 851-2002 to begin discussing what you need for your party! 

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