How Far in Advance Should You Plan Your Event?

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Scheduling a party or any other celebration provides varied experiences for several types of people. Some people enjoy the challenge of organizing an event at the last second and proving themselves with the magic of making it possible with little planning.  Others prefer to have every tiny detail coordinated months in advance, from the party favors to the coordinating making rings. The type of person you are usually plays a role when you decide to be your party planner. However, to make an event successful and stress-free, you must consider some elements for pre-planning as early as possible.  So, what are those elements, and how far in advance should you plan your event? 

Outstanding venues 

When it comes to a venue, you can’t plan early enough. Whether the venue you want is indoors or outdoors, many venues accept reservations months and even years in advance.  Furthermore, famous halls or outdoor locations can book dates quickly. Therefore, those who want a specific venue for their party must contact the venue manager as soon as possible to inquire about availability. Their available dates can affect when you choose to have your event or if the need to change location arises.


The kind of Entertainment you plan for can also determine how far in advance you should plan your event if you want to match your party theme. For instance, if you want a DJ to play music, you should schedule one a month or more before the party. Some DJs may even be able to commit to an event with as little as a few days of contacting them.  Nonetheless, if you want a particular band or singer at your party, you will be vying for their other engagements. Therefore, entertainment is another aspect of your party you must plan well before the due date.  In addition, some more involved party games that need unique setups or equipment should also be scheduled months in advance to ensure the celebration’s success. 

Rental equipment 

If you want rental equipment for your party, such as tents, tables, chairs, staging, or lighting, you must make those reservations as early as possible. Although some party rental services will do everything possible to accommodate last-minute requests for rental equipment, waiting until the last minute can affect the type of available equipment.

Where to get all the rental equipment you need 

Picking a time to start planning a party depends on how many options you want available and how crucial it is to have particular elements in place for the event.   The more time you give to planning for the event, the more options you will have, and the less stressful the whole planning process will be.  Baystate Tent rental services can supply outdoor party tents, tables, chairs, flooring, and almost everything you need for the party, irrespective of the guests attending. Our services are affordable and efficient. Give us a call today or fill out our online contact form!

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