With the number of coronavirus cases increasing every day, COVID-19 drive-through testing locations are becoming increasingly popular as a way to identify new cases without overcrowding healthcare centers and putting even more people at risk. With drive-through testing centers, suspected COVID-19 patients can be tested without exiting their vehicle and receive results within a few days.

How Do Coronavirus Drive-Through Test Centers Work?

Hospitals and medical facilities across the country are setting up drive-through testing centers with medical tents to make it easier for patients to be tested for COVID-19. It's important for individuals to keep in mind that these testing centers aren't just for anyone to drive up to and be tested. They do require a referral from a doctor and a scheduled appointment to ensure social distancing practices are in place and to utilize resources efficiently.

Once medical facilities set up medical tents, patients can drive up designated lanes and a staff member in protective gear will approach the vehicle and administer a 10-minute swap test. Once the test is complete, the swab will be set out for testing and patients will be notified of their results by phone.

The Benefits of Drive-Through COVID-19 Test Centers

Drive-through test centers to diagnose potential COVID-19 patients have several benefits, including:

  • Less contact between potential COVID-19 patients and health care workers
  • More efficient testing
  • A decrease in overcrowding of hospitals and medical centers
  • Easy access and faster care for patients

Medical Tent Rentals in Massachusetts

Baystate Tent & Party Rental is a licensed tent installer in the city of Boston and is offering short- and long-term medical tents and emergency shelters for hospitals and healthcare facilities. With the ability to provide additional clean space for patient screening, drive-through testing stations, and necessary medical areas, we are able to tailor your medical tent rentals to your specific needs.

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