Whether you are planning a wedding, graduation, or family gathering, choosing the right tent is an essential part of planning your event. It is important that all guests are comfortable and you keep in mind how many people will be attending. You may want to also think about the kind of surface your tent will be structured on, any theme you have planned, and any other factors that are important to your event. Here are some of the most popular tent options, which we offer at Baystate Tent, and how they can enhance your outdoor experience! 

Canopy Pole Tents

Canopy Tents are perfect for events that are taking place on grass, as they must be secured into the ground with stakes. The center poles allow for elegant peaks, sweeping lines, and beautiful interiors. Alone, they are elegant and classy, but also serve as a wonderful blank canvas to add your aesthetic to through decor. A classic staple, these tents are perfect for weddings, graduation parties, and any family get together. 

Sailcloth Tent

Sailcloth Tents give a unique nautical flair to events, perfect for accommodating a rustic or beachy theme. Inspired by old fashioned sails, these tents include a translucent top, adding a beautiful, airy feel to your special event. It’s rounded ends and wooden poles put the Sailcloth Tent in a class of its own. Perfect for events taking place on grass, as they must be staked into the ground. These tents also seem to shimmer and glow at night time, perfect for any outdoor wedding reception. 

High Peak Frame Tents

High Peak Frame Tents bring an elegance and class to small outdoor spaces. They can be placed on grass or pavement, allowing versatility in location. There are no interior poles, making it easy for guests to walk around and mingle, along with providing more room for your ideal layout. Not only are these tents great for small outdoor gatherings, but they are also famous for their appearance in Festivals such as the Boston Food Fest! High Peak Frame Tents bring elegance and simplicity to your outdoor tented event.

QuickTrack Frame Tents

QuickTrack Frame Tents bring versatility to the tent design world. They can be placed on grass or pavement, and blend perfectly in an outdoor environment. Their clearspan makes it easy for guests to walk around and mingle along with allowing more room for design and layout moments. These tents are commonly used in corporate settings, but also have beautiful moments when draped for weddings. They are strong and stunning on the outside, but also provide a great, comfortable space on the inside! 


Structures are in a class of their own. Commonly used for long-term rentals and COVID relief, structures are made to endure weather in all of New England seasons. They are strong enough to bear loads of snow and are exceptionally resistant to high winds. Looking for a long-term structure? Contact us today to learn more.

Additional Tent Sidewalls

If our tents are calling your name, but you were also planning on having a completely closed space due to weather or other factors, you can always add tent sidewalls! Tent sidewalls give you the opportunity to customize your tent and prepare for weather. You can choose from sidewalls that have gorgeously styled french windows, doors, completely solid, or completely translucent! Each style tent has its own sidewall style. The opportunities are endless.

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