Backyard Wedding Tips
You've said, "Yes," and now you're ready to plan your beautiful backyard wedding. With the cost of weddings in the modern-day, backyard weddings are becoming more popular each year. A backyard wedding can quickly become the wedding of your dreams!   Think About the Seaso..
Must-Have Tent Accessories for Your Outdoor Party
Outdoor parties are exciting and fun for all involved. Making sure that you have all of the accessories needed requires knowing what’s most common and popular. Aside from the tent to escape the sun or rain, there are numerous additions that can make your outdoor party unforgettable.  C..
Essentials for a Summer Party
Summer is approaching in New England! With gorgeous weather and less social distance guidelines in our future, it is time to start planning your big summer bash! It will probably be one of the first times in over a year that we are able to have all of your loved ones safely together again. Make your..
How to Make a Big Impact with a Small Party
When you hear the word “grand”, your mind tends to wander to big; huge venue, a guest list ten feet long, and maybe even some fireworks at the end. Yes, these parties are grand, BUT, an event of any size has the chance to be grand! Small parties allow for the opportunity of intimacy. Bec..
 What is a Micro Wedding & How Do You Plan One?
Since COVID has struck, many engaged couples have become overwhelmed by the unknown and ever-changing guidelines. Many have decided to reduce the size of their weddings - this is called a micro wedding, and believe it or not, it is the new trend! DEFINITION: A micro wedding is a small-scale affai..