5 Tips for Hosting a Corporate Holiday Event
No matter the size, holiday events are an essential part of the year for any business and are a way to show your team appreciation for all of their hard work throughout the year. As we near the end of October, there's no better time than now to start planning your corporate holiday event. Not..
Everything You Need for Your Outdoor Event This Fall
Fall is the perfect time to host an outdoor event. The temperatures are not too hot and not too cold, the scenery is picturesque, and there’s no shortage of theme ideas! Throwing an outdoor event is a great way to gather people together to have a good time, but it’s no easy task. Follow ..
Fun Party Rentals for Team Bonding
Fall sports, activities, and extracurricular's are underway and the best way to start the season off is with some team bonding! By bringing the team together for some fun, each individual is able to get to know their team members, helping improve their synergy and success on the playing field. W..
What to Consider When Renting Tables for an Event
Planning an event, no matter how many people are going to be attending, can be extremely overwhelming. From the location to the food that will be served, and figuring out the seating arrangements for your guests, everything must be thoughtfully planned out and organized. At Baystate Tent and Rental,..
Tips for Preparing for a Festival
Is your business taking part in an upcoming festival? With years of experience in festival environments, including Boston's Pizza Festival, our team at Baystate Tent understands what it takes to have a successful day of promoting your brand to hundreds of individuals and making the impact you wa..