No matter the size, holiday events are an essential part of the year for any business and are a way to show your team appreciation for all of their hard work throughout the year. As we near the end of October, there's no better time than now to start planning your corporate holiday event.

Not sure where to start?

1. Start as early as possible

Review travel schedules and important meetings to identify a date that works best for the company. And don't think you have to stick to a Friday or Saturday night! Most venues offer discounted rates for off-peak (Monday-Thursday) events.

2. Identify a budget

Most holiday event budgets are set at the beginning of the year and once this budget is identified, you'll be able to make more informed decisions. Consider an off-peak day, utilizing party rentals, and taking advantage of the venue's services to save some money. 

3. Secure the location

Now that you've set the date and budget for your holiday event, it's time to find a venue! When speaking with the venues, ask about the different event spaces they offer, minimum and maximum capacities, and how many events are hosted per day to determine how busy the venue can get. 

4. Send out invitations

Sending out invitations for your corporate holiday party sooner rather than later is crucial. With busy schedules, if you send invites out too late, it reduces the number of employees that will attend the event. 

5. Decide on a theme and entertainment

A theme is not necessary for a corporate event but it's a fun way to get employees involved and excited about your holiday event. Not sure what type of theme to have? Two popular ones include Masquerade Balls and Casino Nights! 

Next up is deciding whether to have a live band or a DJ. For both, you'll want to ensure you have a great dance floor and audio visual equipment!

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