The 4th of July is fast approaching and it’s time to start considering what you’re going to need to rent and purchase for the big cookout you are hosting. Whether you’re hosting a cookout, pool party, or watching the local fireworks, it’s important to first focus on the children that will be in attendance. After spending a long day in the sun, one or two children are guaranteed to have a tantrum. By being prepared and keeping them occupied, they will be having too much fun to worry about getting upset and you’ll have a tired child by the end of the day that will be sleeping through the night. Some of our favorite party essentials for children are:

InflatablesCars Challenge Inflatable

From traditional moonwalks to specialty inflatables and challenges, Baystate Tent & Party offers a large variety of inflatables to choose from that will be the icing on the cake at any party. Some of our favorite inflatables are the cars challenge for a little friendly competition and the junior double splash for hot summer days.

Food Machines

We can all admit that food machines are always a hit and bring out the kid in everyone at summer parties. The excitement of popping your own popcorn and making your own sno-cone will bring back memories of your childhood and have the children coming back for more!

The Fun Spinner

The Fun Spinner inspires children to explore their artistic side and allows them to create art that they can bring home with them and share with the rest of their family and friends. We offer a variety of colors, cards, and frames to specialize the experience even further!

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