Planning an event, no matter how many people are going to be attending, can be extremely overwhelming. From the location to the food that will be served, and figuring out the seating arrangements for your guests, everything must be thoughtfully planned out and organized. At Baystate Tent and Rental, we offer table and chair rentals, as well as party tent packs for those events that are being hosted outside (includes tables and chairs!). 

Table Shape

The shape of your table will not only dictate how many tables you can fit in the space but also the number of individuals that can sit at each table. With our small cocktail tables, you can comfortably fit three guests and with our 5 foot round table, you can comfortably fit 8-10 guests. If you need to fit more guests, rectangle tables are a better option.

Table Size

The smaller the table, the fewer people can fit around it. For a more visually appealing event, consider having tables of various sizes (same shape) for guests to have more intimate conversations if they wish. 

Number of Guests

Do you have a set number of guests attending your event? Having a solid number so you can have enough tables and chairs to sit each guest is crucial. This will also dictate how many tables and chairs you will need and help you decide what shapes and sizes to utilize.

What Type of Event is it?

If you're hosting a holiday dinner with a formal sit-down dinner, you'll want tables and chairs to sit each guest. If your event is more casual (say, a networking event), it's easier to get away with less table and chairs as long as there are side tables and trashes available for empty plates, glasses, etc. to be placed on and thrown away.-

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