Mansfield, Massachusetts is a suburb located 30 miles south of Boston. Well regarded for hosting the Xfinity Center, a venue that has hosted large scale concerts, graduation ceremonies, and other events for over 30 years, the town itself is also home to many different restaurants that welcome outdoor dining. Needless to say, for both residents living in the town and nearby, Mansfield is a popular draw for many reasons. With the multitude of events coupled with outdoor dining and more, Baystate Tent and Party help deliver an experience that is fun, comfortable, and well put together.

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For over 30 years (yes, you read this correctly!), we’ve managed to give Mansfield and other communities in Massachusetts different resources to have the best time possible at their respective events. Whether you want a set of inflatables or a stage, our team will ensure that everything at your event goes according to plan. Some of our services that we’re most well known for include 

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