Lexington, MA, is a beautiful suburban town in Middlesex County, located just 10 miles from Boston. Settled back in 1641, the history in Arlington is rich and remains an essential part of the town. It is known to be the spot where the first shots of the American Revolutionary War, the Battle of Lexington, were shot. Famous American icons, the Sons of Liberty, John Hancock and Samuel Adams, stayed in Lexington. Today, that history is celebrated with a reenactment of the battle on the downtown green. 


Today, Lexington remains an incredible place to live. There are young professionals, new families, and families there for generations who choose to reside in this gorgeous suburb. With over 31,000 residents, we know some parties are going on around town. That is why Baystate Tent & Party is proud to provide all of our tent and party accessory rental services to all residents of Lexington. 

Tent & Party Rental Services in Lexington, MA

For almost 40 years, Baystate has been providing the residents of Lexington with tent and party rental services for any and every occasion. Our extensive selection of rental options to choose from for your next event is guaranteed to make it an absolute success. We have helped with events ranging from fundraisers to weddings. 


Our most popular events include but are not limited to:



Graduation parties

Professional events

Children’s events


Party Accessory Rentals in Lexington, MA

Whether you are looking for an inflatable for your next children’s party or a covered tent for a work event, Baystate has the products and expert team necessary to make sure it is there on time, set up perfectly, and thoroughly cleaned up at the end of your event. We have every product you could think of to make your next event perfect, from lights to linens, to backyard games. Our extensive list of rental options includes but are not limited to: 



Tent Accessories

Medical Tents

Heaters and Generators 


& So much more!

Baystate Tent & Party 

Baystate Tent & Party is happy to provide all of the residents and businesses of Lexington with our expert tent and party rental services. Our goal for over 30 years has been to captivate our clients and create the event that they have dreamed of. For any more information or set up rental services for your next event, give us a call at (978) 851-2002 or fill out our online contact form.

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