Sno-Cone Machine

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Renting a Snow Cone Machine is a fun food item Just add ice and flavored syrup, usually fruit-flavored. Snow cone machines are very popular with both kids and adults alike in late Spring and especially during the summer months. Consuming a Snow Cone is a great way to "beat the heat"! 

Snocone Machine Instructions


Additional Information
Power Requirements A dedicated 20 amp 110 volt outlet is required. If used more than 6ft from the outlet a 12/3 Grounded extension cord is required.
Capacity Shave 500 lb. of ice per hour
Width 24"
Height 24"
Depth 16"
Weight 40 lbs
Customer Pick Up Allowed This item may be picked up by the customer. This unit should be placed securely in the cargo area of vehicle. Baystate Tent & Party reserves the right to refuse the pickup of any item if we feel the vehicle capacity is in question. NO ITEMS may be attached to the roof or roof-racks of a vehicle. Damage to ANY item during transportation is not covered by the optional damage waiver.
Sold Separately Supplies for Snowcone Machines are sold separately see Fun Food Supplies for all your Snowcone Machine Supplies

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