Incredibles Double Splash Slide

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The Junior Double Splash Slide is a dual wet or dry slide guaranteed to add tons of excitement and acceleration to any event. Great for promoting friendly competition or group challenges, kids can climb together up the center climb, and then choose a left- or right-sided slick slide, for a fast-track ride to the water pool at bottom with a safety stop. 

The Junior Double Splash Slide can be used as dry slide or as a water slide and it is a great way to promote enjoyable and healthy activity, and will add excitement and value to any indoor or outdoor event! 

See specifications for more details.

Moonwalk Information
Occupancy 2 participants max, weight capacity not to exceed 500lbs. Supervision by an instructed adult attendant is required at all times.
Power Requirements A dedicated 20 amp 110 volt (GFCI) outlet is required. Baystate provides a 100ft 12/3 grounded extension cord with all units.
Water Requirements When using the slide wet you will need to provide a standard garden hose. This unit comes with a connection point to connect to your garden hose.
Site Requirements This unit requires a clean flat stake-able area with an additional 3ft to 5ft space around the perimeter. Nothing should come in contact with the unit such as fences, trees and or power lines. This unit can NOT be placed on a hard surface such as asphalt or concrete.
Delivery & Setup Customer Pick-up is NOT allowed on this unit. Delivery and or setup by Baystate is required.
Length 20'6"
Width 18'6"
Height 16'8"
Weight 348 lbs

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