Birthday Moonwalk

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The inflatable jumper is the perfect way to combine fun and healthy activity, and will add value to any Party! With a variety of colors, shapes and themes, our moonwalks offer kids of all ages exciting aerobic activity. This jumper has 360-degree mesh windows, so parents and spectators can have a clear view of all the fun.

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Moonwalk Information
Occupancy 8 participants max, weight capacity not to exceed 800lbs Supervision by an instructed adult attendant is required at all times. Riders should be of similar age range, height, and weight.
Power Requirements A dedicated 20 amp 110 volt (GFCI) outlet is required. Baystate provides a 100ft 12/3 grounded extension cord with all units.
Site Requirements This unit requires a clean flat area with an additional 3ft to 5ft space around the perimeter. Nothing should come in contact with the unit such as fences, trees and or power lines. This unit must be secured with stakes whenever possible. Sand bags can be used on hard surfaces such as asphalt or concrete as an alternative. This unit may also be used inside if you have proper clearance.
Customer Pick Up Allowed This unit may be picked up by the customer provided that a pick-up truck, cargo van or similar vehicle is used. Baystate Tent & Party reserves the right to refuse the pickup of any item if we feel the vehicle capacity is in question or the product is at risk of damage. NO ITEMS may be attached to the roof or roof-racks of a vehicle. Damage to ANY item during transportation is not covered by the optional damage waiver.
Length 14’4”
Width 13’4”
Height 16’0”
Weight 160 lbs

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