Griddle For 4 ft Propane Grill

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Convert 2 sections of your gas grill into a 40" x 16" high capacity griddle. This unit is manufactured from 1/4" thick steel and features a grease trap and removable drip tray.

4ft Propane Grill Requred

4ft Propane Grill

Additional Information
Customer Pick Up Allowed This unit may be picked up by the customer provided that a pick-up truck, cargo van or similar vehicle is used. Baystate reserves the right to refuse the pickup of any item if we feel the vehicle is undersized or the product is at risk of damage. NO ITEMS may be attached to the roof or roof-racks of a vehicle. Damage to ANY item during transportation is not covered by the optional damage waiver.
Usefull Tips 4 ft Propane Grill Required.

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