4 ft Propane Grill

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 Our grills are designed to be searing hot, just like in the best steakhouses. Couple these grills with the optional cast iron grate upgrade and you will be able to produce steakhouse quality meals right off the Big John grill.
Throw away any knowledge you have about cooking on your home grill and get ready to cook quickly. Traditional backyard barbecues have 12,000 BTU burner tubes and generally top out at 24,000 to 36,000 total BTUs. Each 16" square section on a Big John grill has 40,000 BTUs available. This intense heat will allow you to quickly sear the outside of your meats and keep the juices inside. The overall cooking time will be very quick. A typical NY Strip steak or Filet Mignon will only take about 5-6 minutes per side for medium-rare.

Grill Information
Propane Info There is 6hr Burn time with a 30lb propane tank with all burners on full. Keep main cylinder valve securely closed when not in use. WARNING: Propane tank valves are designed to work completely open and/or completely closed. Never just crack the valve. Always position the LP cylinder so that the connection between the valves and the regulator will not cause sharp bends in the hose.
Useful Tips Cooking thick cuts of meat may require a little modification to your cooking technique. Each grill section has two 20,000 BTU burner tubes underneath. Turning on only one of the tubes will allow half of the cooking grate to get searing hot while still giving off enough heat to use the other half for cooking your meat to the desired doneness. Simply sear the meat on the flame side and then move it over to the half without flame for final cooking. Keeping in mind that the "A-Series" grill is a finishing grill, cooking chicken needs some explaining. Bone-in chicken needs to be par cooked before grilling. Many chefs par cook the chicken in a marinade and then simply finish the chicken on the grill for added flavor and presentation grill markings. Using chicken without skin is also recommended. This will reduce your flare-ups and the likelihood of burning your chicken. If you desire to use skin-on chicken, have a water spray bottle handy to attack any flames and reduce flare-ups. Seafood is wonderful when cooked on a Big John Grill, but as with any grill, certain types of seafood are recommended. Meaty fish in steak form is recommended so that it will stay together during the cooking process. Scallops and shrimp on a skewer make a perfect appetizer or meal when served hot from the grill. When cooking skewered meats and vegetables, we recommend using metal skewers. If you choose to use wood, be sure that they have been soaked in water for several hours before the cooking time. This will prevent them from drying out and catching on fire.
Delivery & Setup This unit may be picked up by the customer provided that a pick-up truck, cargo van or similar vehicle is used. Baystate reserves the right to refuse the pickup of any item if we feel the vehicle is undersized or the product is at risk of damage. NO ITEMS may be attached to the roof or roof-racks of a vehicle. Damage to ANY item during transportation is not covered by the optional damage waiver.

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