Located in Middlesex County, Massachusetts, Burlington is a booming suburb with thriving businesses and residents taking advantage of its lucrative real estate market. Many of its residents consist of recent young professionals looking for jobs in the booming job market or recent retirees looking forward to the next phase of their life. Nonetheless, it is a welcoming town to all age demographics. 

In addition to its diverse community, Burlington boasts an incredible nature conservation scene, including places such as the scenic Samwill Brook Conservation area and the Mill Pond Reservoir and Conservation Area, a truly enjoyable experience for both youthful and elderly residents. Burlington also offers easy transportation to the city of Boston via bus for a quick and smooth commute.

About Our Tent and Party Rentals in Burlington, MA 

Baystate Tent & Party Rentals are happy to assist you in making them most out of your celebrations. Assisting with events of all sizes, our company ensures its customers that we will work closely with them, tailoring our services to their event’s needs. We offer a diverse selection of features that can fit seamlessly into any situation.


Some of our selections include:

Tent and Party Rentals in Burlington, MA 

Whether it be a large event for your business or a small gathering of family and friends, Baystate Tent & Party will guarantee you a great time when you decide to work with us. Between our accommodating customer service and our ever-growing selection, your experience will be a positive and enjoyable one. Give us a call today at (978) 851-2002.

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