Things to Consider Before Renting a Tent for an Outdoor Wedding
Congrats, you're getting married! You've set the date, found the perfect outdoor location, and now it's time to decide on all of the decor, what you're going to serve for food, and the music. With New England weather being so unpredictable, setting up a tent for your reception is ide..
The Coolest Party Rentals
Having a memorable party doesn't require party rentals, but they do make a good party, great. From games and inflatables, Baystate Tent & Party has all of the party rentals you could need to keep children and adults occupied all day long. Need help figuring out what party rentals to get? Our..
What To Rent For Your Graduation Party
Graduation season is here! Whether you are celebrating a high school graduation, college graduation, or any other big education achievement, there seems to be some sort of celebration happening every weekend throughout the summer. Overwhelmed by everything you need to buy, rent, and organize for the..
The Advantages of Party Rentals
Planning big events, such as graduation parties, weddings, and large birthday gatherings can be stressful! People often expect the hardest parts to be selecting venues and figuring out how to feed the guests, but as it turns out, the toughest chores are seemingly the smallest; selecting tables, chai..
Tips for a Memorable Event
You've settled on a date, time, and theme for your upcoming event and the most important question you should be asking yourself is "How can I create a memorable event?" Our team at Baystate Tent & Party Rental has the knowledge and experience to help you achieve an event your guest..