5 ft Charcoal Grill

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  • HIGH COOKING CAPACITY: You can feed everyone at your next party with one of these grills. Big John 2' x 5' charcoal grills feature 10 square feet of grilling surface and are easy to transport, easy to setup and easy to use.
  • THE BEST GRILL TOP AVAILABLE: Our grill tops feature a one-piece, welded steel core for strength and nickel plating for durability and easy cleaning. The closely spaced rods run front to back for easy spatula use and are perfect for grilling steaks, chicken, pork chops, hamburgers, hot dogs, sausage, salmon, seafood and vegetables. Our simple slide action adjustment has 3 grilling heights to accommodate a wide variety of cooking styles. Stay cool handles allow for easy height adjustment - even when the grill is hot!
Grill Information
Useful Tips Use good quality charcoal. We recommend all natural hardwood lump charcoal. This will give your food the best flavor possible. Most briquette charcoal and automatic light charcoal use binders which give off a harsh smoke. If using the entire 2' x 5' surface, start with 30 lbs of charcoal. (Use 15 to 18 lbs for 2' x 3' fireboxes). Make several small piles and use lighter fluid to light the piles. Once the charcoal starts to turn white, spread the charcoal piles out in an even layer. The charcoal is at its hottest and ready to cook on when it has a thin layer of white ash covering the pieces of charcoal. If cooking for a prolonged period, the fire will need restocking over time. You may wish to have a separate container to start additional charcoal. You will need an additional 10 lbs. of charcoal for each hour of cooking time. Add your supplemental charcoal after it has been burning for at least 10 minutes. Adding unlit charcoal during the cooking process will give your food a harsh taste.
Delivery & Setup This unit may be picked up by the customer provided that a pick-up truck, cargo van or similar vehicle is used. Baystate reserves the right to refuse the pickup of any item if we feel the vehicle is undersized or the product is at risk of damage. NO ITEMS may be attached to the roof or roof-racks of a vehicle. Damage to ANY item during transportation is not covered by the optional damage waiver.
Length 2.00'
Width 5.00'
Height 32.00'

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